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Who Do We Service?

Neighbours of:

New Houses
Government Projects
Builders Completing Renovations
Commercial Constructions

Type of Work We Report On?

Existing Conditions report for:

House Demolition
Excavations & Digging
Drilling & Boring
Earth Compaction

The Common Existing Conditions

The Dilapidation Report lists:

Impact Damage
Water Damage
Subsidence & Cracking
Dirt & Debris Issues

What is a Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report files the condition of a home prior to, and after, construction or demolition on an adjacent home. These reports are suitable for property, industrial and government, residential or commercial properties, as well as infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and railways. There is an increasing demand for dilapidation reports as most of councils need home inspections to be undertaken as part of their advancement approval procedure.

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