What is a Dilapidation Report?

If you’re planning on having any part of your home renovated or modified, regardless of whether the works will take place inside or externally; you’ll undoubtedly want to do things the right way.

As a home owner you’ll likely want the most from your property and that can sometimes require construction work to be carried out.

Whether you’re planning on removing trees, relocating a wall, or shifting soil to make space for a pool you’ll probably need one particular type of report to make sure that you’re protected, just in case anything goes wrong.

This type of document is known as a dilapidation report, but what do you really need to know about it?

What is a Dilapidation Report?

In the simplest terms it’s a type of report that is intended to record the current state of a property at any given time.

If your project will require heavy equipment and machinery, if you’ll need to make modifications to parts of your structure, or if you’re planning on modifying the landscape around your home – the chances are that you’ll benefit from one.

Why Might You Need a Dilapidation Report?

Most homes in and around Melbourne will be connected to others in one way or another. This type of report serves two purposes; the first being to evaluate the current condition of your home and the second is to protect you – just in case your neighbours decide to try and blame any pre-existing damages on your construction work.

A licensed building consultant will be required to undertake the task and they’ll typically evaluate the condition of existing structures, take photos of the layout and formalise their findings into a neat report.

And once your construction work is complete, you might find yourself wanting to invest in a further report – simply to cover your back should anything go wrong with shared resources such as plumbing and electricity.

Is the Report Compulsory?

Although it’s not always a necessity to invest in this type of building report – it’s definitely recommended. Having a real-time reference of construction events could offer you untold amounts of protecting from litigation.

If your home is attached to others via a shared wall, or if you live in certain parts of the country such as Melbourne, you might be required to have a report carried out, so why not get in touch with us today for more information?